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Underground Utility Locating Services

Digging and designing around underground utilities is challenging for construction and engineering companies. The uncertainty of knowing exactly what you may encounter can be frustrating and worrisome. Will underground utility damages or conflicts cause major delays, repairs, or injuries? These may be some of the questions you have to answer on your projects. Utility Locator, LLC can help solve the mystery by providing a comprehensive and full utility location service that will designate and document all of the utilities on a given project site. 

How Does Utility Locating Work?

Utility Locator Inc specializes in private utility locating services. We utilize sophisticated geophysical electromagnetic equipment to detect and locate underground utilities like gas, electric, fiber optics, water, communications, and sewer lines.

Underground Utility Locating Services

Our electromagnetic utility locating equipment works by applying a traceable radio frequency to a subsurface conductor with the use of a transmitting device. The subsurface conductor can range from pipes and cables to tracing wire and aluminum caution tape (traceable caution tape). When the traceable radio signal is transmitted onto a conductor, it can be detected on the surface with the use of a receiver unit. Multiple radio frequencies can be utilized to locate a multitude of different conductive materials at a wide range of depths.

Ground Penetrating Radar (optional) can be used to help identify the location of non-metallic utilities such as various plastics (PVC, HDPE, etc.), as well as other non-conductive materials like concrete, asbestos / transite, terra-cotta, and fiberglass.

Why Do I Need Private Locating?

Every state has a utility notification program to locate underground utilities before you dig, such as “Call 811”. Although we believe these programs are valuable, the system is far from perfect. Governments mandate that facility owners must locate utilities they own, but what happens when a utility is not owned by a utility company? That’s where Utility Locator Inc steps in. We specialize in locating underground utilities on a variety of residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Our experienced and highly trained technicians are capable of finding even the most complex utility systems on such properties as college campuses, hospitals, commercial properties, manufacturing plants, roadways & highways, and more.

Our Standard Deliverables

Utility Mark-Out

We strive to provide the highest quality utility mark-out possible. We employ a series of standard operating procedures that not only ensure we find every utility possible, but that the markings are clean, legible, and professional.

Site Photographs

We understand that our clients are busy and cannot always make it out to the site to see our mark-outs, so we bring the site to you by supplying site photographs of our markings and throughout the work area (when permitted by property/project owners).

Field Sketch

We will include a field sketch for your records as well that can be reproduced and shared with your team as you need. More advanced mapping deliverables are also available, such as satellite imagery and even Google 3D mapping. Contact us for more details.

Detailed Field Report

Our technicians will generate a detailed report each day of a project to highlight what was accomplished, how we accomplished it, and any limitation / challenges we faced to accomplish it. We will document specific actions taken and what utilities were designated.

Project Experience

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