Underground Utility Locating Services

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We can locate all of the utilities on your construction or project site quickly, and accurately. You no longer need to rely on the free State 811 system.

Utility Locator, LLC can find structural members and utilities embedded in concrete floors, walls, and columns using non-invasive radar scanning that resembles x-ray scanning.

Vacuum Excavation is the only safe and reliable method to expose underground utilities for precise elevation, condition assessment, and material, and other important data.

SUE combines utility locating technologies with survey and plotting to accurately depict underground utilities and structures on engineer and construction drawings.

Video Pipe Camera Inspection Services can help our clients solve a wide range of problems with underground pipes and conduit. We are NASSCO® PACP/LACP/MACP certified.

Utility Locator can pin-point the location of cable faults and pipe leaks using a variety of electromagnetic and acoustic equipment.

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