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Professional Underground Utility Locating Services

Our Services

Utility Locator, LLC provides underground utility locating services to construction and engineering clients. Call 811 will only mark some of the underground utilities, and we’ll mark the rest. Give us a call at (888) 232-5959 or request a free quote today!

We can locate all of the utilities on your construction or project site quickly, and accurately. You no longer need to rely on the free State 811 system.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is used to help mitigate the risk associated with underground utilities and can even find non-conductive plastic and concrete utilities.

Utility Locator, LLC can find structural members and utilities embedded in concrete floors, walls, and columns using non-invasive radar scanning that resembles x-ray scanning.

Vacuum Excavation is the only safe and reliable method to expose underground utilities for precise elevation, condition assessment, and material, and other important data.

SUE combines utility locating technologies with survey and plotting to accurately depict underground utilities and structures on engineer and construction drawings.

Video Pipe Inspection Services can help our clients solve a wide range of problems with underground pipes and conduit. We are NASSCO® PACP/LACP/MACP certified.


Utility Locator, LLC is a private utility locating company that specializes in locating underground utilities on private campuses and other properties where most of the underground utilities are privately owned. These types of properties include college & universities, manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical research & development campuses, retail outlets, amusement parks & zoos, and more.

Quality Matters

We utilize many different technologies to ensure your job sites are safe and that the risk of utility damage is as low as possible. We utilize the Aquatronics A6 Split-Box to scan your work area after we have located all of the utilities we have access to. This helps us ensure that we have detected and marked-out all possible utilities.

Time is money

Unlike most state mandated 811 programs, Utility Locator, LLC approaches every project focused on solving the problems you face with underground utilities. We understand the complexity construction and engineering companies face when working with and around underground utilities. Our technicians are trained to think outside of the box to solve problems and provide tangible solutions.

Location is Key

With two convenient locations, Utility Locator, LLC is able to service any construction or engineering project site in Eastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Northern Maryland.

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