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Sewer Pipe Camera Inspections


How Do Sewer Camera Inspections Work?

Utility Locator Inc inspects pipes, conduits, and culverts from 4″ – 76″ using a combination of flexible push cameras, as well as heavy duty robotic crawlers. We can access the sanitary sewer or storm pipe to be inspected from manholes, inlets, outfalls, or any man made opening in the pipe.

Smaller Pipes 4″ – 8″ Diameter

For smaller pipes, we utilize push camera to video inspect the pipe or conduit. The camera is inserted into the pipe opening and manually feed through the line to be inspected. The video feed is displayed on a monitor and a report can be drafted on the spot. The video recordings can be made available instantly using any USB Storage Device or SD Card.

Larger Pipes 8″ – 65″ Diameter

For larger pipes, we pull out the big guns. Our robotic crawlers have the capacity to video inspect up to 1000 linear feet of pipe from a single access point. There are many up-fits available to enhance the equipment to ensure the best quality video and report for each type of pipe or cable. We are able to generate a report with screenshots based on the findings of the video investigation. Video files, screenshots, report documents, and project files are available immediately upon completion of the inspection and may be delivered via any USB Storage Device or SD Card.

Accurate Information & Reporting

Utility Locator, LLC provides all video pipe inspection clients with a comprehensive report that is Nassco® PACP®, MACP®, and LACP® compliant, using the Nassco® certification and proper codes.

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