Aren’t all utility locating services free?

Every state in the United States of America operates a call before you dig program every state in the United States of America operates a call before you dig program.   Most states have a different name for this program, but it is nationally recognized as Call 811. This is a free program that excavators must use whenever performing an excavation. When you submit a dig request using this program, Call 811 will notify all of the utility companies that service your region about the proposed work.

Those utility companies will then respond by either marking out the facilities that they own, or issuing a response to let you know that they do not have any facilities in conflict. Any utilities that are privately owned by you or another property owner will not be marked out. On average, the common ground alliance estimates that only 68% of all underground utilities at a given dig get marked out.

Utility Locator, LLC bridges that gap by marking out the utilities that do not get marked out by utility companies. Not only do we mark out the utilities that other companies won’t touch, but we will review and audit any pre-existing mark outs to ensure that all utilities have been located fully and are of high quality.

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