Utility Locator, LLC is a private utility locating company that specializes in locating underground utilities on private campuses and other properties where most of the underground utilities are privately owned. These types of properties include college & universities, manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical research & development campuses, retail outlets, amusement parks & zoos, and more.

At many of these locations, Call 811 will not locate the utilities that are owned and operated by the property owner, such as steam, chilled water, electrical systems, fiber optic & communications systems, water & fire water, and more. Utility Locator, LLC will bridge the gap and locate all utilities.

We Locate Utilities Everywhere.

Commercial Locations

Commercial properties likely have many underground utilities present, and only 68% of them will be marked by Call 811.

Private Campuses

Universities, Hospitals, and other private campuses will have many underground utilities owned by the campus.

Industrial Plants

Industrial plants almost certainly contain underground utilities that are hazardous to life and health.

Residential Properties

Residential properties may contain many underground utilities including buried electric, fiber optic, gas, sewer, water, etc.

We can locate all of the utilities on your construction or project site quickly, and accurately. You no longer need to rely on the free State 811 system.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is used to help mitigate the risk associated with underground utilities and can even find non-conductive plastic and concrete utilities.

Utility Locator, LLC can find structural members and utilities embedded in concrete floors, walls, and columns using non-invasive radar scanning that resembles x-ray scanning.

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