Quality Results are what drive us.

With over 15 years of industry experience, Utility Locator, LLC was founded in 2016 by Brian Holder. Our company strives to help our clients solve the problems encountered with underground utilities be providing a high quality utility location service that not only solves problems, but also surpasses customer 

Problem Solving Outside The Box

Unlike most state mandated 811 programs, Utility Locator, LLC approaches every project focused on solving the problems you face with underground utilities. We understand the complexity construction and engineering companies face when working with and around underground utilities. Our technicians are trained to think outside of the box to solve problems and provide tangible solutions.

Our Core Values

We believe that a companies core values can make or break a company. While other firms may showcase fancy equipment, we believe our core values are what really set us apart and allow us to provide a better service.


Integrity is our first core value. From the companies inception, we integrate integrity into everything we do. We employ a rigorous on-boarding process to hire new technicians. We then train new employees on all of our core values, and how we use integrity to achieve quality in the work we perform. We believe in providing an honest service to our clients. We believe that with proper consulting and education, we can solve many of the challenges our clients face with underground utilities.


Your problems are important, and you need a partner you can rely on. We believe that our dependability is critical to your success. We have the systems and processes in place to ensure we achieve a high level of dependability for our clients.


In our opinion, predictability is just as important as dependability and integrity. We believe in providing a uniform, predictable service that our clients can depend on year after year. We are consistent and we execute with precision.


Quality is the end result that is produced from our core values. We believe to achieve the highest quality service for our clients, we must value integrity, dependability, and predictability. We deeply integrate these values into everything we do.

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