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What is an Unlocatable Utility?

What is an Unlocatable Utility

A while back we published an article titled What is an Unknown Utility? The publication covered the topic of unknown utilities, and what they mean. In this article, however, we want to discuss a different type of obstacle both excavators and utility locating companies must face: unlocatable utilities. On the face, the definition of an unlocatable utility seems […]

Why doesn’t Call 811 locate all utilities?

The common misconception with most state-run 811 (call before you dig) programs is that they locate underground utilities for free. The fact, however, is that the 811 system doesn’t locate utilities at all. It is simply a distribution hub that notifies utility companies that someone is digging or planning to dig on or near their facilities. When […]

The hidden costs of underground utility damage

The release of last month’s Common Ground Alliance 2016 DIRT Report is a sobering reminder about how important it is to excavate safely around underground utilities. The CGA reports that 56% of utility damages are the result of insufficient excavation practices, and an additional 16% were the result of not calling 811. The report estimates […]