Brian Holder

Mr. Holder has over 15 years of subsurface utility engineering and utility locating experience on various engineering and construction phase projects across a variety of market sectors including DOT / Highway, Pharmaceutical, Energy, and Commercial / Industrial properties.

What are Private Underground Utilities?

If you have used the Call 811 system before, you have likely encountered a response that alerted you to the existence of private underground utilities. What are private utilities? And who will locate them? The truth is, no matter where you plan to excavate, the risk of damaging a private utility is present. Understanding what […]

What is the APWA Uniform Color Code?

The American Public Works Administration (APWA®) is a non-profit organization of companies, public works agencies, and individuals, and is headquartered in Kansas City, MO. APWA® also has a field office located in Washington, D.C. The APWA® Uniform Color Code is a marking guideline that is universal and should be used by all professional underground utility locating companies. It provides […]

What is an Unlocatable Utility?

What is an Unlocatable Utility

A while back we published an article titled What is an Unknown Utility? The publication covered the topic of unknown utilities, and what they mean. In this article, however, we want to discuss a different type of obstacle both excavators and utility locating companies must face: unlocatable utilities. On the face, the definition of an unlocatable utility seems […]

Using Ground Penetrating Radar for Forensic Investigation

Ground Penetrating Radar is a great tool for locating underground utilities and structures, but it can have a big impact locating other underground objects as well. GPR technology is non-invasive, which means that it does not disturb the objects that are buried below. In addition to locating underground utilities, GPR is becoming more and more […]

What does electromagnetic mean for utility locating?

Utility Locating Company

There are several technologies for underground utility locating companies to utilize when searching for subsurface utilities, and electromagnetic equipment is the most common, and in most scenarios the most effective. How does electromagnetic equipment work? Electromagnetic equipment works by detecting the magnetic field around a utility system that is produced by a radio frequency. The […]

Subsurface Utility Engineering vs. Private Utility Locating

SUE vs. Private Utility Locating

You may be wondering what the difference is between Subsurface Utility Engineering and Private Locating. After all, both services include finding underground pipes and cables by connecting to them using electromagnetic locating equipment or ground penetrating radar. Both services will often mark the location of the utility with paint and flags as well. So why do […]

What is an Unknown Utility?

What is an Unknown Utility?

When hiring a private underground utility locating company, you expect that they will find all of the underground utilities present within the project or location that you have requested. Often times, however, they may report that there is an “unknown utility” present. But what does that mean? Surely someone must know about it, after all it […]